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Nadakkavu Police Station

Nadakkavu PS situated in centre area of Calicut City.  It is one of the oldest Police Station in Kerala which opened in 1910.


Jurisdiction Area

North : West Hill Chungam   South:CH Fly Over, Mavoor Road   East: Malaparamba   West: Railway Line



Important Places

Nadakkavu, West Hill


1. Govt. Engg. College Kozhikode

2. Govt. Polytechnic

3. Malabar Christian College

4. Govt. TTI, East Nadakkavu

5. Vanitha Polytechnic, Malaparamba

6. IHRD College of Applied Sciences, Thiruthiyad

7. Govt Homeo Medical College, Karaparamba

8. Physical Education College, East Hill


1. Kendriya Vidyalaya   I & II

2. Technical High School

3. St. Michael's Higher Secondary School  West Hill

4. GVHSS Karaparamba

5. GGHSS Nadakkavu

6. Malabar Christian College High School

7. Providence Higher Secondary School for Girls

8. St. Vincent Colony HSS

9. Markaz International School

10.East Nadakkavu AUPS

11.Karuna School Near Passport Office

12.Govt. UP School, Civil Station

13.Mathrubandu Vidyalaya LPS

14.JDT Islam IQRA English Medium School

15.Kristuraja LPS

16.Vedavyasa Vidyalaya

17.Govt. LP School, Karaparamba

18.Govt. HSS East Hill

19.BEM UP School

20.Govt. UP School, Bilathikulam


1. Baby Memorial Hospital

2. Fathima Hospital

3.Rajendra Hospital

4.IORA Hospital

5.Malabar Hospital

6.Co-Operative Hospital, Eranhipalam

7.National Hospital

8.Govt. Vetenary Hospital

Central Govt. Offices

1.Provident Fund Office


3.DMG Office Nadakkavu

4.Passport Office

5.Areacunut Research Center

6.Food Corporation of India


8.Branch Recruiting Office (Army)

9.Railway Station, Vellayil

10.ESI Office

State Govt. Office

1.Kozhikode Collectorate

2.PWD (Roads) Office

3.Marad Court

4.JFCM-IV Court

5.JFCM-VI Court

6.State Sale Tax Office

7.Govt. Stationary Office

8.Kerala Water Authority (Kavery House)

9.ADGP Office

10.Govt. Guest House/Rest House

Religious Places:                 Temple

1.Bilathikulam Siva Temple

2.Azhkodi Devi Temple

3.Thayattu Siva Temple

4.Sivapuri Siva Temple

5.Sree Bhuvaneswari Temple

6.Kadungochira Maha Ganapati Temple


1.Juma Masjid Nadakkavu

2. Juma Masjid  Karaparamba

3. Juma Masjid Barracks Road

4. Juma Masjid Eranhipalam

5. East Nadakkavu

6. Jafferkhan Colony


1. St.Michael's Church West Hill

2. St. Joseph's Church

3. English Church

4. Kurisupalli

5. Kristuraja Church, Malaparamba

Tourist Places

1. Swapna Nagari/Kalipoika


3.V.K. Krishnamenon Museum




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